From the stone effect to the wood effect, from the metal effect to the marble effect: Outfloor20 is the Italgraniti collection of porcelain stoneware outdoor floors composed of a selection of materials with unparalleled beauty.

Outfloor20 is the Italgraniti project of outdoor porcelain stoneware floors ideal for all types of outdoor solutions such as gardens, terraces, swimming pools, courtyards, bars and restaurants, thanks to the use of unparalleled durability and resistance. This project stands out for its high performance: it is in fact unassailable by salt, molds, fertilizers and verdigris, it does not absorb stains, acids and resists frost and weather.

Perfectly coordinated with Italgraniti floors and wall coverings, Outfloor20 also includes special modular pieces to complete the pool areas, steps and every corner of the external architectural project.

These slabs for outdoor porcelain stoneware, 20 mm thick, can be installed with five different installation systems according to the intended use:

Dry laying on grass: ideal for parks and gardens

  • Dry installation on gravel: ideal for terraces, roof gardens and gardens
  • Dry laying on sand: ideal for beaches and tourist villages
  • Raised installation: compensates for uneven ground
  • Laying glue on screed: driveway with cars



Loft enhances the value of wooden surfaces transformed by time and nature.


Up Stone

A classic style and a linear design are the elements that characterize Up_Stone, Italgraniti stone effect collection suitable both for indoor and outdoor use.


Nordic Stone

An authentic soul that reveals the natural beauty of Burlington stone from the North of England.


Sands Experience

Three solutions, one project-collection: Sands Experience is Italgraniti’s porcelain stoneware collection of indoor and outdoor floors, able to solve the aesthetic and functional needs of the modern project.


My Plank

My Plank is inspired by the most exquisite, elegant wood, but even surpasses its strength and beauty.


Stone Plan

A wide variety of types of stone in a rich assortment of warm-cold and light-dark shades: for solutions that meet every architectural design requirement.



Stone Age

Materials that offer authentic details in the undulating surfaces and edges:porcelain stoneware offers a contemporary take on the past.




A decidedly modern interpretation of the warm surfaces created by the skilled hands of expert craftsmen, enhanced by the large size and a carefully chosen colour assortment.




Stone Mix

A mix of natural materials, for innovation with harmony. Stone Mix is the outcome of a digital process that acquires and uses only the most exquisite stone surface effects.



Listone D

ListoneD is in porcelain stoneware, the most high-performing covering in sustainable modern building: it withstands frost, damp, weather and wear.




Mineral D

Materials, colours and sizes have been carefully designed in every detail to meet the technical and appearance needs of modern architectural projects.




Stone D

STONE D is a stone project that re-creates the infinite shades and variability of the natural material.